Before & After:  Faster rates, lower costs

B&H’s Engineering Team works in tandem with customers to optimize plastic extrusion tooling to the application. If we know your output rate and polymer rheology, we can design extrusion tooling that meets every metric for project scheduling, process stability, product quality, and throughput efficiency.


In the original “high volume” design, TE polymer seeks the least restrictive path to exit the die.


B&H Flow Analysis™ helped optimize deflector design and flow path to restrict the polymer, for even flow at the die at the specified rate. As a result – without costly “trial and error” – our wire and cable customer was able to extrude a lower-cost polymer at a faster rate than previously possible.

Dial in tooling design and performance with B&H Flow Analytics™
  • Ensures that polymer flow is uniform with complex profiles
  • Controls pressures at specific outputs
  • Prevents dead spots and low velocity areas
  • Lowers project cost and risk from concept to installation.