Fixed Center Crossheads

B&H Tool manufactures a wide range of fixed center crossheads for the insulated wire and cable industry. Many other melt extrusion manufacturers with similar applications also benefit from the performance advantages of our fixed center crossheads. All users of fixed center crossheads face the challenge of balancing adjustability, precision, ease of changeovers, and operator experience. B&H helps customers choose tooling that will deliver continuous, uniform polymer flow, and best-possible extrusion results.

Fixed Center Crossheads

For high and low temperature applications that are appropriate for fixed center tooling, B&H manufactures a series of precision fixed center crossheads to meet your specific requirements.

Note: All models are available in the following materials: 420 stainless steel (heat treated to RC52), C276 Hastelloy, 718 Inconel (can be age hardened to RC40).


For low temperature fixed center crosshead applications, we use 420 Stainless Steel, heat-treated to RC52. For high temperature applications, our engineers specify 718-Inconel® (age-hardened).