Extrusion Tips and Dies

B&H Tool Company specializes in the development and manufacturing of low and high-temperature extrusion tips and dies for leading cable manufacturers in a wide range of applications and products including:

  • Power cables
  • Control cables
  • Telemetering systems
  • Telecommunications
  • Radar cables
  • Missile and satellite systems
  • Coaxial microwave cable
  • Hydraulic structures
  • Single conductor cable assemblies
Extrusion Tips and Dies

B&H extrusion tips and dies consistently deliver greater reliability with higher performance and predictability than commodity tooling. Whether it’s a sample tool set, drawing, or a simple sketch, B&H Tool offers extensive design expertise and resources for a comprehensive, value-added solution.

Pressure tips and dies designed and manufactured for the insulated wire sector are available in tool sets with or without carbide inserts.

For cable customers, we provide a broad array of sleeving tooling.

For all low temperature applications, we use 420 Stainless Steel, heat treated to RC52.

For high temperature extrusion applications, we use Monel series nickel alloys that deliver exceptional corrosion resistance. The standard for both materials is a 16 microfinish, with finer finishes available upon request.

Our goal is to provide collaborative expertise to produce the best standard and custom design and product performance solutions for our customers specific needs.