Extrusion Breaker Plates

B&H manufactures made-to-order OEM and aftermarket extrusion breaker plates for all sizes of extruders and for both low and high temperature applications. Standard materials for B&H extrusion breaker plates are 420 Stainless Steel or C-267 Hastelloy®.

B&H extrusion breaker plates are engineered to immediately increase throughput by preventing compound leakage and eliminating dead spots.

Extrusion Breaker Plates

In addition to standard products, B&H can partner with you to develop custom extrusion breaker plates. Our tool specialists work collaboratively with your production engineers to develop the ideal breaker plate design. We then spec the selected material, hole sizes and pattern for the application – and fill the order on a fast-track basis.

If the application merits further analysis, our design engineers can simulate the flow of the polymer through the breaker plate to optimize the breaker plate design.

We manufacture in volume and stock all sizes of Davis Standard single screw extruders from 3/4” to 3-1/2 – so you get the best price possible.