Disassembly Tools

B&H Plastic Extrusion Disassembly Tools prevent damage and help speed changeovers. These advanced disassembly tools are compatible with all adjustable center crossheads. Consider them a standard part of your preventative maintenance program.

Wedge rings and core tubes are often difficult pieces to remove for clean-up and changeover. Heat, pressure and tenacious plastic residue often mean that substantial force must be applied. These two plastic extrusion disassembly tools shorten the time and force needed – and diminish the risk of damage and reduce downtime.

B&H Wedge Ring Removers enable operators to instantly pop-out the wedge ring after each extrusion run. The wedge ring “floats,” enabling die adjustment against hydraulic pressure, rather than mechanical force. Cleaning after each job prevents dead spots and facilitates easier die adjustment.

B&H Core Tube Removers are simple, inexpensive tools enabling removal of the core tube from the front end of the crosshead. With the core tube remover, operators can knock out the core tube without damaging the front end or compromising the threads on the back end.

Reduce changeover times and prevent tool damage

B&H Tool introduced an custom-engineered extrusion tip wrench for a precise fit between the tip and wedge ring used with B&H in- line spider dies. The tool reduces the time, effort and risk involved with change-overs and lengthens tool service life.

The proprietary design of the B&H extrusion tip wrench enables operators to access the tip easily, even when space is tight, without creating dead spots, or damaging the flow path or assembly parts.


The extrusion tip wrench insert is constructed from 420 Stainless steel, a straight-chromium stainless grade which provides exceptional resistance to wear and corrosion – heat treated to RC52 – the highest hardness possible for this grade family. The handle of the extrusion tip wrench is D2 high chromium cold worked tool steel.

B&H Tool also offers extrusion tip wrenches designed for B&H crossheads.