In-Line Dies

In-Line Dies for Medical and Industrial Tubing Extrusion

B&H Tool is a leading global manufacturer of in-line dies used in extruding a wide range of industrial tubing, hose and pipe. Like our adjustable center crossheads, B&H in-line dies have a simple design with minimal parts. They are a field-proven delivery system for extruded materials that offers in-line melt-flow for reduced residence time in the die, minimal pressure fluctuation, and optimum bonding of the melt stream.

B&H in-line dies maintain highly balanced laminar flow, and very low material volume. This is a substantial advantage, because the lower the internal volume, the higher the pressure, and the more effectively the polymer knits. The result is increased strength and visual appeal.

Low material volume in the die also contributes to high dimensional stability and minimizes material degradation. B&H in-line dies have a three-leg design that improves concentricity and stabilizes material flow around the air core. The precision edge of the three-leg spider does not permit material hang-ups – a major cause of product defects, such as knit lines.

B&H In-Line Die features include:

  • Capability to extrude many configurations
  • Interchangeability of tips and dies
  • Custom-tailored heaters providing uniform heat coverage.
  • Streamlined spider leg design for optimal flow path.
  • Materials and sizes
In-Line Dies
Sizes and Materials

B&H in-line dies are manufactured for high and low temperature extrusion applications.

For low temperature applications, we use 420 Stainless Steel, heat-treated to RC52. For high temperature applications, our engineers specify C-276 Hastelloy because it is corrosion-resistant and assures a long, trouble-free service life.

In-line dies range from a maximum die diameter of 5/8” up to 7-1/2”.

Notes: All models are available in the following materials: 420 stainless steel (heat treated to RC52), C276 Hastelloy, 718 Inconel (can be age hardened to RC40). Extended range modifications available. This product suitable to your design specifications.