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B&H Tool Company LLC is a World Leader
in Plastic Extrusion Tooling Design

Our experts use real time data, computer-generated models, and advanced flow simulation
to design and engineer precision extrusion tooling.

The B&H approach:

  • Stops plastic waste
  • Prevents uncontrolled head pressure and restrictive line speeds
  • Minimizes downtime required for cleaning
  • Makes costly "trial and error" a relic of the past
  • Optimizes output

Employment Opportunities

B&H Tool Company, LLC is a small growing company, with an excellent working environment and proactive management team. This is an opportunity to have an impact.

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B&H's Engineering Team works in tandem with customers to optimize plastic extrusion tooling to the application. If we know your output rate and polymer rheology, we can design extrusion tooling that meets every metric for project scheduling, process stability, product quality, and throughput efficiency.

Here's a recent "before" and "after" example:

High Volume (before) Fig.1
In the "high volume" design originally used by this wire and cable customer, the TPE polymer seeks the least restrictive path to exit the die.
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Low Volume (after) Fig.2
The "low volume" animation shows what happened when B&H Tool optimized the deflector and flow path to restrict the polymer, so that it flowed evenly out the die at the specified rate.

As a result, the customer was able to extrude a lower cost polymer at a faster rate than previously possible. Notably, this was all possible without costly "trial and error" experiments.
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Tooling designed using B&H Tool's proven flow simulation technology:
• Insures that polymer flow is uniform, even with complex profiles
• Controls pressures at specific outputs
• Prevents dead spots and low velocity areas
• Eliminates project risk, and shortens time from "concept" to "installation"
• Reduces total project cost