Multi-Layer Crosshead Assemblies

B&H Tool, with its extensive experience in designing and developing
solutions for plastic extrusion tooling applications, manufactures a series
of low-volume, multi-layer crossheads and related tooling. Our design
engineers are ready to discuss your specific application, including
finished product dimensions, materials to be extruded, wall thicknesses,
and temperature profiles.

Our adjustable center, low-volume multilayer crossheads well-suited
for many applications, including wire and cable, medical tubing, and
industrial hose, and pipe.  Click here to view a sample assembly drawing.

Features of B&H Multi-Layer Adjustable Center Crossheads Include:

  • Axial, rotational tip adjustment while extruding
  • Simple design with minimal parts
  • Positive leak-free sealing
  • Multiple options for flow distribution to assure balanced laminar flow,
    reduce material degradation, and optimize dimensional stability

Benefits Include:

  • Outstanding end-product quality
  • Ability to extrude high and low temperature
    thermoplastics and fluoropolymers
  • Immediate, in-stock spare parts availability


For low temperature applications, we use 420 Stainless Steel,
heat-treated to RC52. For high temperature applications, our engineers
specify C-276 Hastelloy® because it is corrosion-resistant and assures
a long, trouble-free service life.

Call B&H today to optimize the performance of your
multi-layer crosshead applications.


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