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by extrusion tooling
expert Chris Rauwendaal

Extrusion Tooling Development

Thinner wall thicknesses . . . multiple lumens . . . closer tolerances . . . miniaturization – and new materials – are just some of the factors that
impact every user of extrusion tooling.

B&H Tool Company designs, detail-engineers, prototypes and manufactures
high-precision extrusion tooling – both single and multi-lumen – for
medical device manufacturers and others who require extremely tight
tolerances and exceptional accuracy.

A Proven Delivery System

The proven polymer delivery system that is integral to B&H’s adjustable
center crossheads and inline dies assures concentricity, and outstanding
laminar flow: material flows equally to the tip and die, producing uniform
melt-stream velocity.

B&H offers a spiral deflector kit that enables extrusion tooling customers to
modify their existing adjustable center crossheads to create transverse
polymer orientation. For many materials and applications, this eliminates
knit lines and improves burst strength.

Other Features of B&H Extrusion Tooling Include:

  • Axial, rotational tip adjustment for crosshead extrusion
  • Ability to extrude multiple configurations
  • Low material volume
  • Simple design with few parts, and a positive leak-free seal
  • Reliable standard materials: 420 Stainless Steel, C-276 Hastelloy®
    and 718 Inconel® (age-hardened)
  • Tips, dies, breaker plates, adaptors, and heaters are available
    from one source – a source dedicated to excellence in extrusion tooling.

Our Unique Development Approach

B&H uses a transparent and collaborative approach to each extrusion tooling project. As a result, the knowledge base, skill sets, and creativity of your engineering team – and ours – can be used to your best advantage. Our system, developed over time with input from some of the industry’s most prominent OEMs, allows development work to be completed in substantially less time than conventional approaches.

Based on the finished product drawing and material specified, we will identify the optimum draw-down ratio and balance, and B&H design engineers will generate a detailed drawing. Generally, there is more than one iteration, and the collaborative effort between our customer’s design engineer and B&H Tool design engineers produces superior outcomes.

The results of our collaborative approach include reduced material residence time in the die, better wall thickness control, improved lumen control, and enhanced concentricity.

Once the final drawings are completed and approved, we develop a quote,
agree on terms, produce a tool set, and begin test extrusion.

We work closely with your engineering team as you bring your new tooling online and make adjustments as necessary to ensure best-possible results.

B&H Tool has substantial experience designing tooling that optimizes the
extrusion of thermoplastics, silicone, and fluoropolymers used for medical
tubing. We understand how heat, pressure, and shear can impact material
being extruded, and how our tooling can be optimized to control these
factors. Our commitment is to work with you to achieve consistent,
exceptional results for every extrusion tooling project.

B&H Tool congratulates Covidien on receiving the prestigious
American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) Zenith Award.
The Zenith Award recognizes respiratory care product and
service providers who offer exemplary service to the
respiratory care community.

B&H is honored to supply Covidien, a $10 billion global healthcare
products leader, with extrusion tooling.


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