Extrusion Tips and Dies

B&H Tool Company specializes in the development and manufacture
of low and high temperature extrusion tips and dies.

Our extrusion tips and dies are an excellent choice for use in the
manufacture of power cables, control cables, telemetering systems
and telecommunications. B&H extrusion tips and dies are also well-suited
for use in the manufacture of cables for radar, missile and satellite systems,
coaxial microwave cable, and hydraulic structures, and for single conductor
cable assemblies used in many other sectors.

B&H Tool has more than 40 years experience manufacturing precision tooling for insulated wire and cable production. We are well-recognized for
tooling used to produce custom coax and triax cable, and expanded PTFE
dielectric cores. Our extrusion tips and dies are ideal for the extrusion of

Many customers choose B&H extrusion tips and dies because, while price
is important, the quality, reliability and service life of extrusion tips and dies are
critical. Downtime is the one cost you can never recover, and B&H extrusion
tips and dies consistently deliver greater reliability, and higher predictability
of performance than commodity tooling.

B&H customers value our collaborative and transparent approach.
We combine our customer’s input and ideas with the experience and
expertise of our Engineering Team to create a best-possible solution.

With insulated wire and cable tooling projects, we often manufacture from
a customer-provided drawing, but we also have extensive design resources
for a comprehensive, value-added solution. In these instances, we can work
from a sample tool set, or simply a sketched idea or description.

The B&H extrusion tips and dies business unit is divided into two specialty
Pressure tips and dies are designed and manufactured for the insulated
wire sector. The pressure tips in these tool sets are available with or without
carbide inserts. For cable customers, we provide a broad array of sleeving
tooling. For all low temperature applications, we use 420 Stainless Steel,
heat treated to RC52. For high temperature extrusion applications,
we use Monel series nickel alloys that deliver exceptional corrosion
resistance over time. The standard for both of these materials is a
16 microfinish, with finer finishes available upon request.

Extrusion tips and dies are critical components most buyers want
B&H is organized specifically to provide the fast, expert response
needed by Maintenance and Production, and to supply outstanding tooling,
including low and high temperature extrusion tooling, that even Purchasing
will find to be an exceptional value.

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